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Logic Pro is a versatile and feature-packed digital audio workstation and MIDI sequencer software specifically designed for macOS. It empowers music professionals with powerful tools to create and edit dynamic audio tracks using multi-device editing, step-sequencing, and live looping capabilities.

With Logic Pro, professionals can effortlessly create and arrange compositions using pre-made loops or samples or craft custom drum beats and melodic patterns with the Step Sequencer and Drummer tool. The Logic Remote tool enables users to mix multiple tracks, play built-in software instruments, and manipulate audio filters on iOS devices with intuitive multi-touch gestures. Moreover, Logic Pro comes equipped with a vast collection of sounds and plug-ins, including modern synthesizers, complex multi-sampled instruments, and vintage equipment, which can be further enhanced using advanced filter capabilities.

The Latest Logic Pro 10.7.5 Download

Attention all Logic Pro users! Exciting news as Logic Pro 10.7.5 Download has just been released on the App Store today. Although this latest update is categorized as a “maintenance” update, it brings a wealth of new features that many users have been eagerly anticipating.

Some of the key updates included in Logic Pro 10.7.5 are the ability to use Nested Track Stacks, Free Tempo Recording, and the Gain Tool. You can now record MIDI FX directly to tracks, and there are also updates to Smart Tempo. The new update also includes support for Ableton Link, Personalized Spatial Audio, and 32-bit Audio Files. Additionally, there are now individual Stompbox plug-ins available, a new Starter Grid, and Sound Packs. And for those who prefer “FL Studio” style Master presets, this new update has you covered.

This latest Logic Pro 10.7.5 Download update is a game-changer, providing users with a host of new tools and features to enhance their music production experience.

Logic Pro Tech Specs

Logic Pro
June 06, 2024 | Logic Pro 11.0.1
6GB of available storage space for minimum installation or 72GB of storage space for full Sound Library installation
MacOS 12.3 or later

What’s New in Logic Pro 10.7.5 Download?

  • Free tempo recording and other Smart Tempo enhancements
  • Logic Pro offers a Free Tempo Recording button that allows you to record audio without a defined tempo or metronome, which can be useful for capturing ideas quickly or recording material with flexible timing. Additionally, you can improve the accuracy of Smart Tempo analysis by adding and editing hints for downbeats, beats, and time signature changes. After making edits in the Smart Tempo Editor, you can lock the range to protect it from additional changes or new tempo analysis. Logic Pro's Smart Tempo analysis has also been enhanced with a new machine learning-based system, resulting in significant improvements for audio file and recording analysis.

  • Personalized Spatial Audio support
  • Personalized Spatial Audio is a feature supported by Logic Pro 10.7.5 Download on macOS 13 or later. It enhances the immersive audio experience over headphones by using a customized head-and-ear-measurement profile that users can create on their supported iPhones. This feature allows for even more precise and realistic sound placement, which is especially useful for audio professionals who need accurate spatial representation in their work.

  • Ableton Link support
  • With the support for Ableton Link, Logic Pro 10.7.5 Download now allows you to synchronize the tempo, phase, and beat of Link-enabled applications on the same computer or network. Whether you want to keep playback in sync across various devices or participate in a group jam, Ableton Link in Logic Pro has got you covered.

  • Record MIDI plug-in output
  • Logic Pro 10.7.5 Download update allows users to record MIDI plug-in output, providing greater control and precision when editing the resulting notes and controller data. This feature can be especially useful for fine-tuning complex MIDI performances or experimenting with new MIDI effects. To use this feature, simply insert a MIDI plug-in into a track or channel strip and then enable MIDI plug-in output recording in the track's settings. Once the recording is enabled, Logic Pro will capture the output of the MIDI plug-in and record it as MIDI data on the track, allowing you to edit and manipulate the resulting notes and controller data as needed.

  • Nested track stacks
  • With Logic Pro 10.7.5 Free Download, folder stacks and summing stacks can now include nested track stacks, providing more flexibility and organization options within your projects. This feature allows you to group related tracks together, create sub-groups within those groups, and keep your project organized and easy to navigate. To learn more about creating and editing track stacks, see the Logic Pro user manual.

  • Edit the gain of audio regions with the Gain tool
  • The Gain tool in Logic Pro 10.7.5 Download allows for easy and quick adjustments to the gain of audio regions in the Tracks area. This tool is useful for making small gain changes to specific sections of a track or for overall gain adjustments. It can be accessed from the toolbar in the Tracks area and is a useful addition for fine-tuning audio levels during mixing and editing.

logic pro 10.7.5
  • New sound packs
  • Logic Pro 10.7.5 Download also comes with two new sound packs: Beat Tape (Hip Hop) and Modular Rhythms (Synth Drums). These sound packs can be downloaded from the Sound Packs section of the Sound Library Manager, which is a part of Logic Pro. To manage Logic Pro content, including sound packs, simply access the Sound Library Manager.

  • Use Pedalboard stompboxes as independent plug-ins
  • Logic Pro 10.7.5 Download introduces the availability of the 35 individual stompboxes in Pedalboard as separate plug-ins, which can be used on both audio and software instrument tracks. This allows for more precise control and flexibility in designing guitar and bass tones, as well as creative processing of other types of audio signals.

  • 32-bit file import
  • Logic Pro 10.7.5 now supports the direct import of 32-bit float audio files. This format allows for a higher dynamic range and more precise representation of audio data, which can be particularly useful for professional audio production.

  • Miscellaneous enhancements
  • Logic Pro 10.7.5 Download includes several smaller updates and improvements as well. For example, the local Edit menu in the Mixer now features a new command that allows users to select channel strips with the same panner type as the currently selected channel strip. Additionally, the round-robin feature in Auto Sampler has been increased from 8 to 32, providing more options for sound designers and producers. The Copy command in the Marker List has also been updated to follow the viewing option "Length as Absolute Position" and now includes Lock information and acknowledges the hidden columns and order of columns in the Marker List.

  • Improved organization in the Plug-in Manager
  • The Plug-in Manager in Logic Pro 10.7.5 Download now offers improved plug-in organization by dimming every category that a selected plug-in has been copied to. This enhancement provides a clearer overview of how your plug-ins are organized and can make it easier to manage your workflow.

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Logic Pro 10.7.5 for macOS Sonoma

Logic Pro 10.7.5 for macOS Sonoma is here, and it's a game-changer for music creators! This latest update brings a slew of enhanced features and bug fixes, ensuring a smoother and more efficient workflow for producers. Whether you're laying down beats, mixing tracks, or mastering a complete project, Logic Pro continues to solidify its place as one of the top DAWs on the market. Dive in and experience the magic of music production with this refreshed version for macOS Sonoma.

Logic Pro 10.7.5 for macOS Ventura

Introducing Logic Pro Download, the latest update for macOS Ventura. Dive into a smoother, more efficient music production environment tailored for your Mac. Unveiling new features, enhanced stability, and refined user interface, Logic Pro 10.7.5 is the ideal choice for both beginners and professionals. Whether you're crafting your next hit, mixing a live session, or scoring a film, trust this powerful tool to elevate your audio journey. Seamlessly integrating with macOS Ventura, expect superior performance and integration. Upgrade now for the ultimate music-making experience!

Logic Pro Settings and project settings

Logic Pro Preferences have been renamed to Logic Pro Settings in alignment with the latest macOS Ventura. To learn more about Logic Pro Settings, you can refer to the Overview of Logic Pro Settings.

A new checkbox named "Create Node when cutting at constant values" has been added to the Automation section in the Logic Pro Settings. By enabling this checkbox, Logic Pro will duplicate MIDI events at the cut position in the new region. To learn more about Automation settings in Logic Pro, refer to the relevant section in the user manual.

Additionally, when the Region Color parameter in the Tracks Display settings is set to "As Track Color," the "Automatically Colorize Takes" checkbox in the Recording project settings will be disabled.

Frequently Asked Question

01. How can I install Logic Pro 10.7.5 on my Mac?

First, you'll need to go to our website. Click "Download" After purchasing; the app will automatically start downloading and installing on your system.

02. What are the system requirements for Logic Pro 10.7.5?

To run Logic Pro 10.7.5 smoothly, you'll need a Mac with 11.6.1 or later, 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended for large projects), and at least 6GB of disk space for minimal installation. You'll need 72GB of storage space for the complete Sound Library.

03. Can I use Logic Pro 10.7.5 on a Windows PC?

No, Logic Pro is exclusively designed for Apple's macOS platform. It does not support Windows operating systems.

04. How can I update Logic Pro to version 10.7.5?

To update, Click "Updates" in the sidebar, and if an update for Logic Pro is available, click "Update."

05. How can I learn to use Logic Pro 10.7.5?

There are several ways to learn Logic Pro 10.7.5. we provides a user manual available for free online. Besides, many online platforms offer video tutorials and community forums like Logic Pro Help can provide valuable assistance.

06. Can I use third-party plugins with Logic Pro 10.7.5?

Yes, Logic Pro 10.7.5 supports a wide range of third-party plugins. You can use these to expand your sound options and production capabilities.

07. Does Logic Pro 10.7.5 support MIDI?

Logic Pro 10.7.5 offers extensive support for MIDI recording, editing, and programming. It also supports MIDI over Bluetooth, enabling wireless connections to compatible devices.

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