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GarageBand is undoubtedly the major entry point into the digital audio workstation (DAW) world for many Mac and Apple device users. It is an amazingly capable app, apart from its simple appearance. Nonetheless, for a lot of adventurous musicians and producers, there will be a time when they bump up against GarageBand’s limits as many as required times to be ready to upgrade to its big brother, Logic; since it is possible to open GarageBand projects directly in Logic with all elements complete, it is kind of a no-brainer.

Without being affected by the fact that GarageBand is, in fact, the Logic under the hood, with an interface made simpler and a pared-down feature set, you can find a lot of amazing features that Logic Pro can offer to GarageBand users who like to take the jump. You will get many more additional capabilities in Logic for your $200. However, there are merely a few of the most notable additions.

Reasons to Upgrade GarageBand to Logic

  • Mixer
  • Almost certainly, the clearest difference is the addition of a proper Mixer in Logic. Indeed, you can mix in GB as well, but the different components of a standard mixer roll our around - fader and pan in the track headers, only a couple of fixed return and send effect paths and plug-in access in the pane of Smart Controls at the bottom. The Mixer in Logic offers a standard display with user-configurable routings and Aux channels, long-established Channel Strips, VCA faders and mix groups, and every other mixing option you would like to get from a top DAW.

  • Parallel Processing
  • Channel strips of Logic Aux can be added and configured for various purposes over and above the easy reverb and echo send and return options in GarageBand. Routing tracks that are known for sure through an Aux lets you subgroup (such as all background vocals, all drum mics, etc.), a standard technique to organize a mix and process a collection of tracks as a unit. There can be several number of send and return effects for side-by-side processing like reverb, and offered the widespread practice of owning a number of reverbs in a mix, put in selectively to various tracks, this will be a new addition for GarageBand users who are starting to get more intrepid in their mixes. But you can also use side-by-side processing for other effects - parallel comparison is a famous technique, plus extra Aux tracks can put on flexibility to that app.

  • More, Better FX
  • GarageBand is enriched with many of the same plug-ins that are in Logic; however, Logic has many more to add. Also, for some plug-ins, the set of features is very much reduced/clarified in the GarageBand - open the Logic App, and you will find many controls and options. The compressor is a perfect example that offers basic compression controls in GarageBand but offers many comprehensive options, as well as multiple emulations of classic Analog hardware compressors, with their own definite sound and response for each.

  • And many more…

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GarageBand Projects in Logic Pro

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You must update to the latest versions of both apps to use a GarageBand project in Logic Pro. You don’t need to import or convert any files. The app will identify the project and translate it into Logic Pro directly. This functions with projects that are created with GB for Mac PC, GB for iPad, and GB for iPhone.

Important Notes about GarageBand to Logic

  1. Logic Pro creates the needed number and type of tracks automatically to mirror those used in the GB project.
  2. The opening key signature is set according to the GarageBand project key.
  3. The Logic Pro project makes use of the temp of the GB project.
  4. Respective Logic Pro counterparts play the software instrument parts. And it also imports any mixing data and effects (with their settings) used by software instruments, or Apple Loops supported tracks in GarageBand.
  5. The Reverb and Echo GarageBand bus effects are translated when they are opened in Logic Pro. PlatinumVerb and Echo effects on busses 1 and 2 replace them.
  6. GB patches translate one-to-one into Logic Pro along with the benefit of accessing the individual plug-ins that are added to the patch.

As soon as a GarageBand project is loaded into Logic Pro X, users can freely change parts, plug-in parameters, and mixing levels as in any project of Logic Pro. The project will be saved as a Logic Pro project when you save it.

Note: You are not allowed to open Logic Pro projects in GarageBand. Nonetheless, you can share a specialized version of your project in Logic Pro that is compatible with GarageBand for iPhone and GarageBand for iPad.

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