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Logic Pro is a special computer program for making music on Mac computers. It's really good because it has a lot of tools that help music experts make and change different sounds. You can use it to make music with many instruments at the same time, arrange music in a step-by-step way, and also make music that repeats smoothly.

With Logic Pro, experts can easily make music using ready-made pieces of music or small bits of sound, or they can create their own drum beats and melodies using a special tool called Step Sequencer and Drummer. There's another tool called Logic Remote that lets you control many tracks and play virtual instruments using your fingers on iPhones or iPads. You can also change how the sound sounds using different filters. Logic Pro also comes with a lot of sounds and tools to change sounds, like modern and old-fashioned instruments, which can be made even cooler using special filters.

Introduction to Logic Pro 10.7.9

Logic Pro 10.7.9 is the latest released update of the Logic Pro computer program. It brings many new features and improvements to stability and reliability, recording, takes and comping, plug-ins, Sampler and Quick Sampler, mixer, bounce and export, import, Apple loop, etc. You can enjoy all these new features by simply upgrading the Logic Pro program to the latest version 10.7.9.

Logic Pro Tech Specs

Logic Pro
June 06, 2024 | Logic Pro 11.0.1
6GB of available storage space for minimum installation or 72GB of storage space for full Sound Library installation
MacOS 12.3 or later

What’s New in Logic Pro 10.7.9?

Stability and Reliability

logic pro 10.7.9
  1. Problem: Sometimes when you use a tool called "Strip Silence," Logic Pro might suddenly close.
    • Solution: This update makes sure Logic Pro doesn't close when using Strip Silence.
  2. Problem: If you change the speed of certain audio files in Logic Pro, they could get messed up.
    • Solution: Now, changing the speed of audio files won't mess them up anymore.
  3. Problem: If you use certain software while using Logic Pro, Logic Pro might close when a setting called MIDI 2.0 is turned on.
    • Solution: Now, even if you turn on MIDI 2.0, Logic Pro won't unexpectedly close because of that software.
  4. Problem: When you select and move music around using a tool called "Marquee selection," Logic Pro might suddenly close.
    • Solution: This update prevents Logic Pro from closing when using the Marquee selection.
  5. Problem: When you start Logic Pro X with a specific option to make a new project, it might close unexpectedly.
    • Solution: Logic Pro won't close unexpectedly when starting a new empty project now.
  6. Problem: While using a special mode called Rosetta, Logic Pro might suddenly close when analyzing audio files for editing.
    • Solution: Now, Logic Pro won't close when analyzing audio files for editing in Rosetta mode.
  7. Improvement: Logic Pro could sometimes become unstable when looking for certain audio tools.
    • Solution: This update makes Logic Pro more stable when searching for audio tools.

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  1. Change: You can now record music using MIDI on special tracks that are connected to a main instrument track.
    • Explanation: Before, you couldn't easily record music using special tracks connected to a main instrument track, but now you can.
  2. Change: Logic Pro used to make blank audio tracks when recording in a certain way. But now, it won't do that if you have specific settings turned on.
    • Explanation: Before, when you recorded music in a certain way, Logic Pro would make empty tracks. Now, if you have certain settings turned on, it won't make those empty tracks anymore.

Takes and Comping

Before, when you put together different pieces of music by dragging them from the right side to the left side, they didn't play correctly. But now, they do play back correctly.


  1. Change: If you change a setting in a tool that fixes the pitch of sounds and then close it, when you open it again later, it remembers the setting you had before.
    • Explanation: Before, when you changed a setting in the tool that fixes pitch, it didn't remember the change when you closed and reopened it. Now, it remembers what you changed.
  2. Change: If you work on a music project on a Mac computer and then on an iPad, the settings you used for a tool called Fab Filter Pro-Q will stay the same.
    • Explanation: Before, when you made music on a Mac computer and then on an iPad, the settings you used for a tool called Fab Filter Pro-Q would change. Now, they will stay the same when you switch between the two devices.

Sampler and Quick Sampler

Before, when you couldn't find the files needed for the Sampler tool, the button that helps you find them didn't work right. Now, it works just like it should."

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  • Before, when you copied settings for a specific sound channel and tried to paste them onto another channel, the settings would end up on the wrong channel. Now, the settings go to the right channel.
  • There used to be a problem where if you turned off the solo mode for one soundtrack, it would also turn off solo for all the other tracks that were playing. Now, this problem is fixed.

Bounce and Export

Now, the Loudness Meter keeps showing the numbers even after you finish making a copy of your music.


Brings back the way you can choose which sounds to use from an outside music device by holding down a special key while adding a Standard MIDI file.

Apple Loops

When you put special Apple music loops into your project, they now stay in the right place even if your music has a different rhythm pattern. They used to move around strangely, but not anymore.

Control Surfaces and MIDI Controllers

You can now easily change how loud and where the sound comes from using a special device or keyboard that's connected to your music setup. This works well, especially if you're recording changes with your keyboard.

Also, the Launchpad Pro Mk3 control device now works correctly with Logic Pro 10.7.9 Download. Before, it might not have worked perfectly, but now it does.


  • Before, you couldn't use the right mouse button to open a menu with special tools when working with the Piano Roll. But now, you can.
  • Now you can use a special command to paste something exactly where it was before in the Piano Roll.
  • When you choose to make a new musical note using a special menu in the Piano Roll, it will appear exactly where you clicked before.
  • There used to be a problem where the view in the Piano Roll would suddenly change when you were adding notes to your music. This doesn't happen unexpectedly anymore.


  • If you have some parts of your music on quiet tracks, they'll stay quiet when you listen to other parts of your music.
  • Now, your special music tracks will get their own colors when you use a tool. This works well, especially for virtual instrument tracks.
  • There's a special button that now moves your music settings along with your musical parts or asks if you want to move them. It depends on the setting you choose.
  • When you make new musical parts on certain tracks, they will get a name that matches the track they are on. Before, they were all named the same, but not anymore.
  • Now, a special tool that helps you quickly jump to certain parts of your music works better with sounds that haven't been looked at closely yet.
  • When you start a new music project using a certain template, the special tracks that record your sounds will already be set up to record.
  • Before, when you stopped a certain kind of music track, it could still make sounds. Now, when you stop it, it really stops making noise.
  • There used to be a problem where some parts of your music would become longer than they should be. This doesn't happen unexpectedly anymore.

Logic Pro 10.7.9 for macOS Sonoma

Logic Pro 10.7.9 for macOS Sonoma is the latest update for Apple's professional music production software. This version introduces a range of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes, ensuring that musicians and producers get the best experience possible. With improved performance and stability, users can now produce music more efficiently and with fewer hiccups. The interface remains user-friendly, making it easy for both new and seasoned users to navigate.

Logic Pro 10.7.9 for macOS Ventura

Introducing Logic Pro 10.7.9 for macOS Ventura - the ultimate digital audio workstation tailored for your creative journey. Dive into an intuitive interface packed with powerful features for music production, editing, and mixing. Enjoy enhanced compatibility with macOS Ventura, ensuring seamless performance and integration. From top-tier instrument libraries to advanced MIDI capabilities, Logic Pro 10.7.9 caters to professionals and beginners alike. Elevate your audio projects with cutting-edge tools and innovations. Get the best of music-making, only with Logic Pro for macOS Ventura.

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