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The Logic Pro app is now popular among worldwide users. It is a professional digital audio workstation (DAW) developed by Apple Inc. It is widely used by millions of musicians, producers, and audio engineers for several recording, video editing, and mixing for audio projects. With a comprehensive set of tools and features, Logic Pro offers a versatile and powerful platform for music production. With the app revolution, now in the public, you can find Logic Pro 10.7.8 update. This is the latest app version.

What is Logic Pro 10.7.8

One of the standout features of Logic Pro is its extensive collection of virtual instruments and audio effects. It provides a vast array of software instruments, including synthesizers, samplers, and drum machines, allowing users to create a wide range of sounds and textures. The software also offers a rich selection of audio effects, such as equalizers, compressors, reverbs, and delays, enabling users to shape and enhance their audio with precision.

Logic Pro's intuitive interface and workflow make it easy to navigate and work on projects efficiently. It supports multi-track recording, MIDI sequencing, and audio editing, providing a seamless workflow for capturing and manipulating audio. The Software also includes advanced features like automation, scoring, and mixing, giving users full control over their productions.

Additionally, Logic Pro integrates seamlessly with other Apple products and services. It is optimized for Mac computers and takes advantage of the latest hardware and software technologies. Users can also access a vast library of royalty-free loops and samples through the built-in Sound Library, enhancing their creative possibilities.

Overall, Logic Pro is a comprehensive and professional-grade DAW that empowers musicians and producers to bring their musical ideas to life with precision, creativity, and efficiency.

What’s new in Logic Pro 10.7.8

With the latest Logic Pro update you will receive Planthora updates that belong to several categories. Let’s see some of the most popular categories included updates.

Logic Pro Tech Specs

Logic Pro
June 06, 2024 | Logic Pro 11.0.1
6GB of available storage space for minimum installation or 72GB of storage space for full Sound Library installation
MacOS 12.3 or later


Logic Pro for iPad has received a significant update, introducing new features and enhancements to improve the user experience. One notable addition is the project roundtrip capabilities, allowing seamless transitions between the iPad and other devices while working on projects.

  1. Software Instrument tracks now feature an Input Monitoring button, enabling musicians to play instruments independently of the track selection. This provides greater flexibility and freedom during the creative process.
  2. With the Glue tool, users can now click anywhere on a selection of regions that include loops to create a new region, replacing the previous selection. This streamlines the workflow and simplifies loop editing.
  3. To offer more control over audio levels, Key Commands have been introduced specifically for adjusting the Region Gain. This allows precise fine-tuning of individual region volumes for a balanced mix.
  4. In the Smart Tempo editor, pressing the Control key while moving Downbeat or Beat hints disables snap, providing a more accurate alignment of musical elements.
  5. Launching Logic Pro X while holding the Control key now presents an option to launch the Core Audio driver with Audio Unit plug-ins disabled, giving users more control over the audio setup.
  6. Finally, Key Commands to Nudge events now function when the Step Input Keyboard is in focus, allowing for efficient timing and placement adjustments.

These enhancements in Logic Pro for iPad empower musicians and producers with advanced features to enhance their creative workflow and achieve professional results.

Stability and Reliability

  • Dragging an audio file to the Tracks area during Apple Loops indexing no longer causes Logic Pro to hang.
  • Applying automation trim after choosing all faders in the Mixer and then adjusting them no longer causes unexpected quitting of Logic Pro.
  • Flattening a take folder in a project originally created in Logic 9 no longer results in the unexpected quitting of Logic Pro.
  • Enabling Snap Alignment Guides and dragging an audio region to a track header to create a Sampler or Quick Sampler instance no longer causes Logic Pro to quit unexpectedly.
  • Logic Pro Download no longer unexpectedly quits when dragging an Audio Unit plug-in from one channel strip to another instant after importing a related audio file to your project tracks.
  • Performance
  • Enhanced loading display for Audio Unit plug-ins when opening projects on Apple Silicon-based Macs.
  • Improved fluidity in Piano Roll note dragging when "Limit dragging to one direction" is enabled.
  • Improved Brush Too
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Improved Drummer Performance
  • Enhanced Bouncing Performance
  • Responsive Score Editor
  • Consistently Fluid Zooming
  • Marker List Improvement
  • Improved Editing Performance
  • Optimized Memory Usage

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Live Loops

Live Loops, a feature in Logic Pro, has received some improvements and bug fixes. One of the fixes addresses an issue where MIDI Live Loops cells could become corrupted if the Loop Start position was edited to cross the Loop End position. This ensures that the integrity of MIDI data within Live Loops cells is maintained.

logic pro 10.7.8

Another fix resolves a problem with MIDI notes near the edge of a cycle zone. Previously, their lengths could be incorrect when recording in cycle mode within a Live Loops cell. With the fix in place, MIDI notes now reliably have the correct lengths, ensuring accurate and consistent recordings.

Additionally, there is a fix related to record-enabled Software Instrument tracks in Live Loops. When using an arrow key to switch tracks after recording into a Live Loops cell, these tracks would remain in record-enabled mode, which could be inconvenient. The fix now automatically switches these tracks out of record-enabled mode, providing a smoother and more intuitive workflow.

Logic Pro 10.7.8 Accessibility

  • Improved Track Contextual Menu: VoiceOver users can now open the contextual menu for a track using the Shift + M command, even when there are no regions on the track.
  • Fixed Drummer Region Issue: Adjusting the position 1111 of the Drummer left border.
  • Track Stacks Announcement: Providing better accessibility for voiceover. It announces Track Stacks disclosure state.
  • Track Stacks Announcement
  • Enhanced External Instrument Announcement
  • Audio Output Announcement
  • Improved Dim Level Announcement
  • Ascending Setting Announcement
  • Mixer Interaction Improvement
  • Eliminated Duplication
  • Proper Group Controls Reading

Start Tempo

The latest update has fixed a lot of issues in the Smart Tempo Editor that were previously causing some trouble. Now, selecting and de-selecting sections in the Smart Tempo Editor is much easier and more consistent. You can also zoom in using the Control + Option keys, and the Zoom tool will pop up right away. Editing an audio Live Loops cell won't cause the view in the Smart Tempo editor to jump unexpectedly anymore. Time Signature Hints placed after a locked range in the Smart Tempo editor now work smoothly, and locked ranges no longer allow Hints to be dragged into the range.

Additionally, the latest update has fixed an issue where performing Undo after a free MIDI recording in Keep mode could unexpectedly switch Logic Pro to Adapt mode. The tempo handle on the first beat of an audio file can now be dragged at all zoom levels in the Smart Tempo editor, which is a huge relief. The Apply Project Tempo to Region and Downbeat command now shifts the region to the downbeat, as expected. Finally, setting a Time Signature at the beginning of an audio file that starts at bar 1 of a project now takes effect immediately, which will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Logic Pro 10.7.8 Mixer Enhancements

  1. Refined Channel Strip Selection
  2. Improved Audio Channel Patch Loading
  3. Streamlined Record Enable Function
  4. Grouped Tracks Input Monitoring
  5. Enhanced Undo Functionality
  6. Streamlined Channel Strip Pasting
  7. Multi-Output Software Instrument
  8. Track Delay Compatibility
  9. Improved Gain Meters Accuracy
  10. Reliable Display of Aux Channel Strips

Groups Enhancement

When setting a track that belongs to a group as a Groove Track, the other tracks within the group are no longer automatically set as Groove Track. This improvement ensures more precise control over individual tracks within a group, allowing for independent Groove Track assignments.

Logic Pro 10.7.8 Enhancements: General

  • Improved Project Audio Window
  • Enhanced Select Unused Command
  • Fixed Junction Tool
  • Enhanced Piano Roll Playback
  • Improved Pasting and Repeating
  • Consistent Swing Settings
  • Streamlined Record Button Behavior
  • Refined Undo Functionality
  • Enhanced Playhead Positioning
  • Improved Key Commands
  • Streamlined Performance Window
  • Enhanced Plug-in Window Interaction
  • Improved Snap Functionality
  • Refined Track Selection
  • Enhanced User Experience

These updates in Logic Pro enhance functionality, usability, and overall user experience, providing a more seamless and efficient music production environment.

Logic Pro 10.7.8 for macOS Sonoma

Logic Pro 10.7.8 for macOS Sonoma is the latest update for Apple's flagship audio editing software. This version brings a range of new features, improvements, and bug fixes that enhance the overall user experience. Whether you're a professional producer or just starting out, the intuitive interface, combined with powerful tools, makes music creation seamless and efficient.

Logic Pro 10.7.8 for macOS Ventura

Introducing Logic Pro 10.7.8 for macOS Ventura. Dive into an enhanced musical experience with cutting-edge tools and features that take your sound to the next level. Perfect for both novice audio enthusiasts and seasoned professionals, this edition boasts smoother integrations, advanced plugins, and unparalleled performance. Seamlessly produce, record, edit, and mix tracks with state-of-the-art capabilities. Whether you're into music production, film scoring, or audio editing, Logic Pro 10.7.8 for macOS Ventura is your go-to digital audio workstation. Upgrade now and transform your sound journey!

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